Personal Results


Wil remains to be a core value to this team. He is always willing to do whatever is asked and has been a great mentor to our newest employee. I still would like to see Wil move to a position that could better utilize his abilities and challenge him more.

In reviewing the core values, I really cannot think of an area Wil needs to improve on … as Wil always meets the high expectations of this company on a daily basis.




Wil is my go to guy, he is always willing to help me or whomever needs it. His knowledge of team policies and procedures and how to resolve issues is excellent. Wil has also been an integral part of the teams transition to work from home during this COVID 19 pandemic. He is always willing to go into the office to help those who need something and he never complains. Wil is always available and dependable. I want more for Wil than this team can provide … I know convenience of location, familiarity, and comfort may play a role in anyone’s desire to leave, not just Wil’s.

I think an area Wil would be good in is Business Development, he is an excellent writer and has more technical knowledge than this team can provide him, so I know this is an area he could be useful in and an area he can grow in.




Wil far exceeds what is required or needed on this team. I believe he is not challenged in his current role and is capable of so much more. I highly recommend Wil talk with the [the company] lead of available and upcoming positions as I feel Wil would be a good candidate for this team given his technical and writing ability. Wil is very intelligent and knows how to communicate technical needs between different teams and levels of understanding. I would also advise Wil look at other opportunities [the company] may have for him on other contracts where he can grow in his career.

In regards to [the company]’s key behaviors Wil exceeds here as well. Wil is my back up as lead because I know he will do an excellent job. He is trustworthy, accountable and holds others accountable, and he communicates well with our team, our customers, and other teams. He is always respectful of others and their opinions while also presenting his opinions to solve any issues that may arise.


Wil continues to be an asset to our team but I feel [he is] underutilized for his talents. I have put him in for the mobility but unfortunately I don’t believe anything has worked out, so I’m saying moving up within [the company] this time. I would encourage Wil to spend time with other team leads and see where he thinks he’d like to move on, if he so chooses because honestly I would hate to lose him, but don’t want to hold him back either. … Wil is my “researcher”! If there is something that needs found or history provided or policy requirements, he is my go to guy. He is a hard worker and does whatever is necessary to keep the customer happy.

Wil represents all the core values of the company and I can’t even think of an area for improvement for him.




Wil continues to be an asset to this team. Wil’s ability to seek resolution to issues that others have given up on, or simply can’t be understood, exceeds all others on the team. However, I believe Wil is bored, not challenged, and is ready to move on. Same as last quarter, I recommended Wil to the internal mobility team, but he has not been contacted, so I am hoping [the company] will actually assist Wil with this goal. In the meantime, I would encourage Wil to check [the company]’s career site to seek other opportunities within the company that would allow him to grow in his career and provide a more challenging role for himself.



I really do think you are capable of so much more than this job. You continue to exceed expectations on this team. You are always willing to go the extra mile and help others. You always go in without complaining which is much appreciated. Thank you for your help in training the new employee as well. You are the go to guy on this team, whenever there is a question, I know you are the one to ask, I guess I am saying you are pretty wise ;-).

You always exceed the key behaviors set by [the company]. I know I can count on you to be trustworthy and accountable, you always communicate well to collaborate with all the teams, you are respectful to others and always demonstrate integrity.




As stated in last quarters review, Wil has exceeded all abilities required for this team and would best serve the company, as well as himself, with a more challenging role. The difference between last quarter and this quarter is the start of [the company]’s Mobility Program. Wil is a perfect candidate for this program and I hope it is something that will help him move on to a role that better fits Wil’s abilities. Although he will be missed on my team. Wil is technically smart and has a special capability of relaying more difficult technical things into layman’s terms for those who don’t understand as much. I think a role that can use this ability would be beneficial for everyone, Wil certainly doesn’t get to show his technical abilities in his current role.


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