I am Iron Wil

Iron Wil Becker

Wil grew up a US Army BRAT and learned to adapt to life changes and face his fears. He served a 2 year mission for his church teaching people how to live a life of discipline and self-improvement.

He then attended and graduated from Angelo State University, where he got a degree in Business Administration and Management Information Systems. Wil was invited and accepted invitations to serve in several leadership capacities over the last 25 years as a Youth Pastor and Congregational Leader. He has also served with the Boy & Cub Scouts organizations.

He is a serial entrepreneur with several businesses under his belt. He has moved up in his professional field because of his leadership skills, love of technology, and his consistent self-education. Wil seeks out the best books and mentors to learn from. His desire to help others got him connected to his current projects and is why he has started working to help others develop their leadership skills.

Recently, Wil has been invited to be an Executive Contributor at Brainz Magazine! He is very excited to share his experience and knowledge with a wider cohort of like minded people!

Wil has also been asked to write for Cheryl & Jamie’s blog titled, “Led Me To This“. For more information about this blog check this page.


Derek F. – 2022.01
“Wil is a friend of mine that I met at a networking meeting a few years ago. … Recently, he’s been sharing online some of the reading material he’s been engaging [in] over the last several months. Daily reading is a practice I’ve incorporated into my life throughout the last year. Wil has inspired me in several ways including staying committed to lifelong learning through reading. 

Mr. T – 2022.01
“I know you have a way of inspiring others…”

James J. – 2021.07
“I have had the privilege and blessing to know Wil for 3 years. Seeing his continued drive for learning and professional advancement has been instrumental in my personal growth. I’ve been able to increase my income 30%, and am acting in a way that will keep me growing!”