Why Turning Leafs:

It takes special people with a knack for listening and working with you to help you take the next steps.

That’s what we do. We tailor our program to fit your personality and needs. To book a free consulting appointment, go to https://calendly.com/turningleafs.


Our Primary Coaching Course is an 8 Week Course, which breaks out into eight 1 hour sessions. Then our Basic Coaching Course runs month to month based on the customers needs.

Primary Coaching Course: $1500 a month

Basic Coaching Course: $60 a month

Group Rates: Rates are available upon request

Contact Information:


(443) 404-7142


contact @ turningleafs dot com


Martinsburg, WV

Free Financial Education

For churches, charities, and businesses we teach a Financial Fitness class free of charge. You can call or eMail us for details.