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an explanation of the flag American was born under

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hello Friends, Followers and Fellow Book Lovers. Tonight I’ve got a fantastic book.


the 3 Leadership Principles or examples in this book is…

  1. General Washington, chose a symbolic flag
  2. A man named Dutch sheets followed inspiration and some might even say he followed a vision or a dream.
  3. what many Americans don’t know is that America set a standard


well, the first section, the first section of the from the book that I want to share reads, the past can be an important anchor without … this stabilizing force. However, America is now adrift in a sea of secular extreme experimentalism, blown about by the wanderings of its of our own fantasies, and the delirium that they create.


And I would say to you that if you’re paying attention and if you may or may not have grown up in the same era that I did you’ve noticed a big shift in the United States, and the way that people do things, and even sometimes in the things that people believe.


I love. I love that he just calls out right away, early in this book that we need our past. that it’s an important anchor.


And really when you’re going someplace, you need 2 points. you need 2 points. and that anchor should be our first point. and for many Americans there is a there is an anchor point, and we know what and who that is.


Number 2

Though America is scared and flawed, scarred and flawed, we still possess a divine purpose. Rest assured the sovereign who bestowed that purpose to America knows how to resurrect it. He goes on to say that I dream of a reborn America that is once again a shining light to the rest of the world.


What? What some people don’t want to look at or consider is who came to America first. Who were the people? What were they like?


Many of them were Christians of some kind and so that anchor is the sovereign or the God of heaven. However, you want to denote your faith in him.


I almost didn’t include this, but I really felt I should. It makes it very clear because God wants all Americans, every race in Crete to know they’re part of His great plan. And for her. And yeah, a lot of Christian Americans.


And even those that are not Christian but believe that America has a certain destiny.  really believe that she has a purpose.


that America is a special place, a divine place. not divine as it holy but divinely selected. okay.

Number 3.

I had to check my notes. Number 3. God doesn’t see a born again and former prostitute as a former prostitute, he doesn’t see the redeemed murderer as a former murderer. God separates our sins from us as far as the East is from the West. Psalms 10:3-12 and remembers them no more. Hebrews 8, 12, and 1017. And I really wanted to share that because one of the travesties I feel in our justice system today is that someone’s forever a former convict, a former felon.


There’s not a clear. I’ll restate that. From what I know of the American prison system there’s not a clear strategy for somebody to come out of prison completely reformed, rehabilitated, which is supposed to be the purpose and then go on to becoming a pathway back to full citizenship. Full rights. Now some States, some States. They don’t get their full rights back and in other States someone can become a full citizen again with all of their rights.


And I think that we. we as we, as Americans in some parts of our country, have forgotten that our citizens that commit a crime should have a path. a path back to full citizenship. Okay.


alright. there’s gonna be kind of. There’s gonna be 2 parts here. First. In many ways. It is the banner under which America was born. he explained. So, I’m talking about a flag that existed before the Stars and Stripes, and for many people it is the banner under which America was born.


And it’s the first flag that was commissioned by General Washington. And that’s why the first leadership principle is that Washington chose a symbolic flag. This comes out of writings by John Locke. Where the body of the people, or any single man is deprived of their right, or is under the exercise of a power without right. and have no appeal on earth, then they have a liberty to an appeal to heaven.


Now I initially heard that phrase a little differently and that is how I heard this phrase first use was that a good man’s last appeal is an appeal to heaven. and if you’ve not heard of the appeal to heaven flag.


That is what it looks like. (book cover shown onscreen)


Okay, there’s a couple different renditions of it. And now you’ve seen the title of the book and Appeal to heaven by Dutch sheets. Understand that in 1607 that a cross was planted in Cape Henry, and I forget where that’s at. I looked it up when I was reading it, Cape Henry. and there was a dedicatory prayer given for this entire country, this whole, this whole land.


Okay? And that was reread at the Mayflower compact. Okay. And John Winthrop, what? What used it in one of his … In a speech he gave in 1630.


So here we have Christians coming to a country which they felt called to go back and read the writings. Please do your own history search and research on that, and go back to the what the Puritans wrote, and learn what they saw and felt in their experiences. Okay.


Number 6.

Some historians believe that, due to the Iroquois influence the eternal and covenantal Evergreen was placed on the appeal to heaven flag as a symbol of our nation’s covenant with God, and possibly of our founders, commitment to one another.


This is consistent with the spirit of covenant. They demonstrated by pledging our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to one another, and the cause. Certainly, the appeal to Heaven phrase on the flag supports this belief that the evergreen tree is also related to our alliance with independence on God.


I know there are many Americans today who don’t connect the 2 America and God. And that’s okay. I’m not telling you what you have to do. I’m just sharing with you are Christian roots. And this thing gets me so excited. Okay?


Because there’s so many writings from the 16 hundreds all the way up through the Constitution. We’re the leaders of the colonies and the Territories. I should say colonists because think everything in the East was a colony initially.


They talk about their appeal to God the freedom they sought. Reason they came, and the reason they sought came here some petition, the King of England, some came of their own, some came as explorers for a company couple different options. There. Okay.


now, I’m gonna give you your seventh one, because I really like the way that Dutch phrase this. Okay. he said that we’re in. We’re in covenant with the everlasting God, throw his weight around, declare his favorite, and blessing over America by faith, call her back to the ancient path reap the harvest of an ages. Believe he, God, can believe He, God, will.


This is not a very big book. I read it in a I’m gonna say, in about an hour. I was on a flight recently when I when I took up reading it. because I knew either I’d have a good conversation with my neighbor, or I would read.


So, I came across this flag several years ago, and I fell in love with it. Excuse me, and I fell in love with the idea that this flag represents. Because as you go back and read some of the original writings from the early leaders of the colonies, 13 colonies in the United States.


You could see their faith in God. You couldn’t read and understand. I believe anyone can read to understand the tyranny that they felt they were under.


And when you turn on a camera start to yawn. I could do this in person, and I wouldn’t yawn. So, this right here, this flag, this book? It is really a call to not just Americans, but to Christians.


I learned through reading this book that this, an appeal to Heaven flag has had a resurgence since the early 2000s and has been flown all over the world. In fact. this this picture here is of this flag flying in the I think it’s Nepal Maybe I had that wrong. Maybe it’s just in to in what was the country of Tibet? I know, I know.


But I’m not the Us. I’m a just a citizen. So, okay this book is an appeal to heaven by Dutch sheets. I highly recommend you. Get it and read it. He’s got a couple other books that I hope were the same size that I’m gonna go and pick up and read as I go through other books. So, thank you for joining me today. If you enjoy this episode, please like, and share it.


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