My Favorite Quote

Ever since I was a teenager, my favorite quote is by John Dillinger. It states, “Never let them make you crawl.” Yes, I know that John Dillinger is a notorious American criminal from the 1930s. He robbed banks with the Dillinger Gang and was killed in a shootout with the FBI. When I picked this quote and put it up in my bedroom, my mom was not happy with me. She took it that I was holding up John as a role model. I was not. I was picking the wisdom from his life.


It is true that I was using it as “fight the man,” as the saying goes. To buck my parent and societal norms. I didn’t want to be like the masses. I wanted to be my own man and create my own path. This quote has changed in its meaning to me over time because of my personal growth journey.


Today, it means I don’t let others affect my attitude, goals, and mindset. It means that I carve my own path in the world, and I don’t let others throw me off. It also means that I have to read, listen, and associate with people that are smarter and have much more wisdom and experience. Reading a book is one of the fastest ways to pick up wisdom and experience from others. In a few hours, we can assimilate the life experience of another. Imagine that in 8 to 10 hours, we can bring new ideas and experiences into our own minds!


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