From Almost Fired to Fantastic 3 Personal Development Skills That Can Help You

Have you ever had a fear of being fired?

Has it ever interfered with your ability to do your work?

OR Caused you so much anxiety that your performance in your role has suffered?

Well, Congratulations you are part of the 58% of workers who confessed that they were afraid of getting fired. And 54% of people admit that it scares them more than death. 65% said getting fired scares them more than sickness or diseases.

Getting fired can be a traumatic experience even if you are expecting it. You can experience shock, anger, sadness, worry, and fear of the future. Amid all the turmoil, it can be not easy to stay professional and calm.

For most people getting fired or almost getting fired can be viewed as a good thing. It gives people a chance to start over and look back on what not to do going forward. You can finally start on a new career path without feeling guilty, you can find a new culture that is better suited for you, and you can learn from your mistakes and start something new!πŸŒŸπŸ”

I have almost been fired 3 times in my corporate journey and all 3 times I probably should have been on leave, but I decided to stay working, just do the bare minimum and see what happens. Well, all 3 times I had experienced someone passing in my life and I learned that I don’t deal well with death, so I have since sought out the help of an NLP therapist who helped me unravel my trauma with death. Each time my leader talked with me, the β€œI’m warning you to talk”, I had to put my big girl pants on and figure out my next move. It usually resulted in a new job.

Besides, In this video, learn how to go from fantastic personal skills to getting fired and refocusing for future success. This video will provide valuable insights and tips on how to bounce back from setbacks and achieve your goals.


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