What is your Hourly Value?

Today, I started cutting the grass and I about ¼ of the way into the yard the mower stopped working.

In the last month, I learned from Patrick Bet-David that as we grow our business, we need to let go of other chores or tasks so that we can focus on our business. Patrick says, stop doing the 10$ an hour jobs. Send your shirts out or hire a cleaning lady. Do whatever you need to so that you have more time for the more important things.

So, I crossed the street and borrowed my neighbors lawn mower. It is smaller and not as powerful. Needless to say, I spent an extra 2.5 hours mowing the grass tonight because I didn’t take time to take it in when it started making noise.

Grant Cardone teaches the wealthy buy time. He purchased a plane and people said, dude why did you buy a plane. He said, you don’t understand, I bought time. I get it, especially after tonight. Let’s say that my hourly wage is 200$ an hour for my profession. Tonight my busted mower cost me 500$ because it took me an extra 2.5 hours to mow the grass. I will be getting someone else do do it, because it will cost me less to have a lawn service.

The question for you is what task or chore around your home (or business) is costing you too much?